Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The PNP Sandwich

That's Positive-Negative-Positive! I'm sure we've all heard about using that strategy when we need to give constructive criticism. I always try to write my report card card and interim comments in that format in hopes that doing so will continue to build a positive, working relationship with my students and their parents. With that in mind, here is my PNP sandwich of my week so far:

I was stoked to find out that I am getting a student teacher this fall. I can't believe that I've been teaching long enough to be a mentor teacher, but I'm honored than my principal thinks highly enough of me to put my name in the hat. I met my student teacher last night, and she seems awesome. Not only is she from the same program that I got my master's from, she also happens to speak fluent German (which was my undergrad major) and has family in Austria (where I studied for a semester)! I'm super excited to work with her, and I hope I made as good of a first impression on her as she made on me.

I hated having to go to an all day curriculum training today. It was one of those inservices that I didn't get much out of, and I hate feeling like time isn't being used efficiently.

On the other hand, I loved spending the day with some teacher friends that I haven't seen in a while and going out to lunch with them! It was nice to catch up and hear everyone's thoughts about the upcoming year.

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